Easy sharing location service

Simple free app to locate any person

Monitor iphone or android cell phones

FindUs is location tracker by GPS. With FindUs you will always find your family members and friends. Just sent a request and you can check routes and location of your closest people. Download it and try!
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The app will quickly show the location of any phone by SMS request. Even those who have not installed the application and those who have any smartphone.

Find location of any
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Has it ever happened that you need to meet someone, and the person with whom you meet, really can not explain where he is?

No longer need long clarifications, just select him from contacts, then send a request and after confirmation, you will instantly see him on the map in your smartphone.

Get sensible
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Get notifications when your friends will share his location and easily make route to them

High location accuracy

The accuracy of coordinates whilst searching for devices using phone number or email depends on the availability of built-in GPS/GSM/WiFi modules on the targeted devices. In the case that there is no GPS, the coordinates are detected according to the data of cellular networks, with the accuracy ranging from 100 to 1000m

This app is great! I couldn't find where is my sister so I got this app and I found her in 1 minute on the map it's worked great but then I got mad at my sis because she was very close to my location.

Ann Richardson

Environmental Engineer


My wife and me got it originally so that we'd be able to see each other on the map. Also as a parent, this app is so hopeful at easing my worries! Feature like tracking different locations they go to during a day are really helpful.

Chris Williams



Working as a realtor I often face the trouble get right direction to location of customers' property or when the meeting is arranged in new place. This app very handy to find location by phone. Send request and find location, so its realy timesaver.

Michelle Young

Yoga teacher